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There Is Nothing Here is experimental thriller game with 3 ends and was made for ludum dare game jam orginally.

Where are you ? What is this sound? Many unanswered questions... Feel the ambiance

*Delete settings.cfg to reset the game


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linux.zip 40 MB
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sourcecode (godot engine).zip 28 MB
win.zip 38 MB


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Was a pretty interesting game, I didn't get the scary ending I think and just went to the end. But the little part where the player can see into the bathroom was pretty cool and very subtle. Can't speak about the other endings, but it was a pretty dark and seemed pretty fun!

actually it is nice game however still need improvement

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Doesn't work, narrator tells me to shake my head and I'm in a pitch dark area, mouse cursor visible, no way of any movement while a question mark is at the top left of the screen

:) you are on right way

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I can't say I appreciate the Spam the game leaves, I opened the game on my desktop so the result is my desktop is Literally full of 'Hahaha's' - that's pretty fucking obnoxious. The game leaves literally 100 Notepads that are continuous laughs that grow longer, wherever the game was placed.

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Yes it is annoying and now just one file