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Rulebook of Runemasters Duel


  • Runemasters Duel is a game that you compete with your friend to reach each other's starting point take the great rune and come back to yours before your opponent.
  • The number of players is two.


1 board, 2 pawns, 70 wall (X)/destroyed wall (✓) cards (35 cards for each player), a dice, 2 great runes(blue one is water rune, red one is fire rune).

Game Set-Up:

Player’s pick a pawn and a starting point, they place their pawns and great runes related to its starting point.

Game Start:

  • The player whose name comes first in alphabet starts game.
  • If you are a fire runemaster you place your pawn to fire starting point and put great fire rune to your opponent's starting point. Opposite if you are water runemaster.


  • Players have to choose between three abilities which are:
  1. Moving your pawn for one tile to a possible direction.
  2. Build a wall(for fire runemaster its called firewall, for water runemaster it is ice wall.) to block your opponent.
  3. Break the wall with a waterball/fireball.
  • Every player has enough ability power to use only one ability for each tour. Which named ability points. Except one condition; the player who starts after can break this rule only at the second turn.
  • For example: A starts first and he/she moved his pawn. Its B’s turn and he uses move too. After A’s turn B can move his pawn again.
  • When you reach your opponent's starting point, take the great rune with you to your starting point.


  • You can’t do the same activities as you do at the previous turn.
  • You can build a wall over a destroyed one.
  • You can stay in the same tile with your opponent.
  • You can’t reach the tile with a wall on your way however you can reach if it is a destroyed wall.
  • If you choose to move your pawn, you can only move one tile.
  • You can place walls only between tiles.

End of the Game:

  • The one who takes the great rune to its starting point will be named Master of Runemasters and wins.


rulebook_and_presentation.rar 67 MB


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would be cooler sharing bureautical files in places like googledrive! ;) (i needed to drag to there for opening them)